by Juliana Stein

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released March 13, 2015

Electric bass by ExperimentFailed.

Everything else by Jonathan Brandt.




Juliana Stein Kalamazoo, Michigan

Juliana Stein (aka Jonathan Brandt) is a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, and writes electronic, electracoustic, experimental, ambient, classical, industrial, dance, pop, IDM, glitch, dub, and lo-fi music.

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Track Name: Stargazing
Throwing our quilts on the ground
We laugh at Orion's Belt
The stars become our playground
A world so close unveiled

The stars move for us
The stars dance for us
The stars twinkle for us
The stars live for us

If I could dance with Hercules
Wear the Northern Crown on my brow
I'd fly Draco to the Pleiades
Find Mount Olympus in my mind

A chill wind blows through our hair
As night by night through fields we wander
We are blissfully aware
That we aren't getting any younger

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